By Elisha Donkin

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I’m a twenty-something year old Australian traveller, writer, photographer, storyteller, hiker, avid tea drinker and self-confessed chocolate addict. I’ve been travelling solo since 2014 and have somewhere along the line decided to make it my life rather than just another holiday.

I’m also a freelance writer and photographer and have had stories published and work featured in various magazines and websites around the world.

Welcome to my travel blog

This blog is a combination of stories, photos, travel guides and (amateur) videos, on the places I’ve travelled and hiked to so far. Here you’ll find stories of my favourite experiences, informative travel guides to offbeat places, musings on life on the road and photographs and videos that I hope delve beyond travel stereotypes.

I’m not your average tourist, though. I prefer slower, more meaningful (mostly budget) travel, and you’ll more than likely find me: staying in a homestay or hostel, travelling overland by bus, hiking wherever there are mountains, exploring wherever there is a government travel warning and drinking tea or wine with some locals.



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Published work

I’m a freelance writer, photographer and content creator. I’ve been fortunate enough to have my stories and images published with a range of major travel publications, and I’ve worked with a variety of exciting travel brands on their website content.

Visit my Published Work and Portfolio page for a full list and cuttings to my editorial and content work.