Finding paradise in Meghalaya

I had been in India for three months covering the major tourist draws like Rajasthan, Goa and Kerala. I had shuffled through the Taj Mahal, squeezed on to local buses, slept at train stations after long delays and been hassled for taxis, rickshaws, tours and hostels. It was a country that never rested and was in your face day and night. It was time to find a place away from all the hustle and bustle to reinvigorate the real reasons I love to travel. I found the peace I sought in Meghalaya.

A friend had told me about a place called Meghalaya in the far northeast of the Indian subcontinent. It occupied only the last couple of pages in guidebooks and there was limited information online. Even local Indians I had met in states like Rajasthan and Goa didn’t know anything about the place. This only intrigued me more.

The wild Northeast of India is the awkward triangular shaped piece of land that sits in between Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar and China and is connected to India by a skinny corridor east of Nepal. It comprises of seven states, one of which is Meghalaya; seventy percent covered by forest and known as the wettest place on earth due to its downpours in the wet season.

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