I’m a small town girl from Victoria, Australia with big dreams. Dreams that mostly include going somewhere, seeing places and doing things.

If you met me when I was five, I would have told you I was going to travel one day. That’s why I saved every cent of my pocket money. When I was 21 I left for a 14 month solo trip around the world covering three continents. That was four years ago and since then, I haven’t been home longer than a few months before leaving again. What can I say? Travel got me good.

This site is a combination of photos, videos and blogs on where I’ve been, what I’ve seen and the things I’ve done. So far.

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Some of my work published on other platforms and publications:

Meghalaya: The Underexplored Oasis in India’s Northeast – Dame Traveler

Women of the Larapinta, Issue #12, pg 10-11 – Travel Play Live magazine


39 countries and counting.