About me


I’m a small town girl from Victoria, Australia with big dreams. Dreams that mostly include going somewhere, seeing places and doing things. If you’ve come to this page I’m assuming you want to know a bit more about me and my story.

Well, when I was five years old I started saving to travel the world. That’s not exactly a “normal” child-like thing to do but my parents had travelled extensively before they had me and my brother and so, I was brought up with stories of the time they took a truck across Africa and rode motorcycles through South America. My most memorable childhood books included ones on geography and cultures and religions of the world. I had a world map above my bed and would spend evenings staring at it, trying to memorise all the countries of the world and trace with my finger the route that I might one day take.

In 2014, at the age of 21, I left for a 14 month solo trip covering three continents. I did everything a young girl, full of energy and intrigue would do and I ticked off so many typical “bucket list” experiences. It was a real whirlwind.

Since then, I have struggled to stay home for any longer than six months before leaving again. Whenever I return from a trip, the first question people ask me is, “So where to next?”. What can I say? Travel got me good.

I have managed to somehow finish a Master of Development Studies in between trips, but most of my time was spent daydreaming of my next adventure.

I’m not aiming to visit every country in the world or tick off a bucket list of places. I have drastically changed the way that I travel from that first long trip in 2014. I aim for slower, more meaningful and challenging adventures. I spend days and sometimes weeks in one place and I rarely plan anything other than my ticket out of Australia. 

I prefer home stays, cheap hostels or a tent rather than fancy hotels or resorts. I would rather cross a border by land than travel by air. I would prefer to get lost in the jungle in the Northeast corner of India than line up to get into the Taj Mahal for sunrise. Buses and trains are my favourite way to travel, although if I can walk somewhere then I will. You’re more likely to find me sitting next to some locals eating from a street cart than at a restaurant with other tourists. In short, I’m not your average traveller.

I started this blog way back in 2014 and it’s mostly a combination of photos, (amateur) videos, stories and travel guides on where I’ve been, what I’ve seen and the things I’ve done, so far.

I’m currently on an indefinite trip, with no plans for where I’ll be tomorrow or next week and definitely, not next month. So if you want to know where I am currently, I suggest you follow me on Instagram.

After writing stories and taking photos out of the pure joy of storytelling and to share the world with others, I took a leap in 2018 and began getting my work published on other platforms. 

I now call myself a freelance writer and photographer and I have had both my words and images published on various websites and in publications, including:

Matador Network


The Culture-ist

Travel Play Live magazine 

Dame Traveler blog

She Went Wild blog

Visit my Published Work and Press page for a full list and links to my articles.

Some of my photos can also be purchased from my Shutterstock Portfolio here.

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