Hola Espana!

Spain was all about the culture for me. A highlight of the day was sitting in a plaza lined with restaurants eating the menu del dia (menu of the day, usually a 3 course meal) for 10 euros always picking the option with paella and watching the world go by. I copied the locals and … Continue reading Hola Espana!

A day in Sintra’s fairyland

Sintra is like a fairytale or a movie set. It's a place that belongs in Alice In Wonderland where wacky architecture, bright colours and playful gardens are standard. But in fact Sintra is just a town in Portugal, 30km from Lisbon, which was a favourite summer retreat of Portugal's royal families. My first stop in … Continue reading A day in Sintra’s fairyland

The closest I’ve been to home in eight months

Ahh welcome home! That's what it felt like arriving in London. For the first time in eight months I could read signs on the road and packets at the supermarket, I could speak to people normally without having to use sign language, the cars were driving on the left side and I could understand all … Continue reading The closest I’ve been to home in eight months

Why I waited four days in Paris before I visited the Eiffel Tower

Sophisticated, arrogant, beautiful, dirty, romantic... There are a lot of words people use to describe one of the most famous cities in the world and it really is a complex mix of all of them. To be honest it has never been a must see for me. I never really saw the beauty in the … Continue reading Why I waited four days in Paris before I visited the Eiffel Tower

IAmsterdam: red lights, smokey air and long canals

Beautiful yet rough around the edges. Not as grand as Berlin nor as sophisticated as Paris, but Amsterdam has been one of my favourite European cities. It's unique, interesting and full of character. Whether you come for the art, the history or the pot, the city doesn't disappoint. However, the notorious Red Light District was, to … Continue reading IAmsterdam: red lights, smokey air and long canals

Visiting humanity’s darkest place

When other kids were reading Harry Potter, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and Twilight in school, I was reading The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, The Diary of Anne Frank and Hana's Suitcase. I was fascinated by history and wanted to learn about it as much as possible. No other event appalled or intrigued … Continue reading Visiting humanity’s darkest place

The islands of dreams, glamour and too many selfie sticks

The Greek Islands are a destination to dream about. It's the unique and iconic white and blue buildings, the sandy beaches and blue ocean, the fresh seafood drizzled in olive oil, the donkeys climbing the steep and skinny paths from the docks and the idea of kicking back and living the relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle. I … Continue reading The islands of dreams, glamour and too many selfie sticks

Turkey’s ancient history

If you're keen on ancient ruins most people think of Egypt, Jordan, Peru, Italy and Greece as the top destinations. However, you'd be really missing out on the numerous magnificent and well preserved ruins that dot the countryside in Turkey. It really amazed me to find so many archeological sites in the country. Scattered along … Continue reading Turkey’s ancient history

Hiking the Lycian Way

Mum has always been the walker and I've always been a runner. But within six months on this trip I had become more and more obsessed with the benefits and enjoyments of hiking. When mum decided she would come and visit me on my round the world trip, what better way than to do a … Continue reading Hiking the Lycian Way