Published work and press

My words and images have been featured in blogs, websites and publications.

Travel Play Live article
Article and image appeared in Travel Play Live magazine Issue #12 (September 2018 release), pg 10-11

Online articles:

Trekking the Shan Hills with the Palaung People of Northern Myanmar – Travelogues – February 2019

A Journey Through Rajasthan, India – Dame Traveler – January 2019

How to Solo Hike the Quilotoa Loop in Ecuador – We Are Travel Girls – December 2018

Meghalaya: The Underexplored Oasis in India’s Northeast – Dame Traveler – August 2018


My photos from my three trips to Kenya can be seen featured on The Kickstart Project’s instagram and website. A charity founded by an inspiring and motivated woman from the Yarra Valley, which is committed to giving individuals and communities a brighter future through sustainable education and health solutions.