I’ve worked on content projects with multiple brands in the travel industry, such as media brands, booking sites, travel blogs and outdoor websites.

I have contributed a range of content from listicles to how-to guides to visual content for social media. My goal is to always inspire others to live a life of adventure whilst simultaneously helping to grow a brands content and audience engagement.

I’ve had various travel articles published for Matador’s Travel and Outdoor sections on their website.

I produce online city guides for the Go Guides section on the Hotels.Com website on an on-going basis.

I’ve contributed both travel guides and video content for The Weekender.travel website and social media channels.

I regularly contribute travel guides and round ups for the Irish Road Trip website.

I’ve contributed hiking and outdoor-related articles for this outdoor website.

Photos from my three trips to Kenya can be seen featured on The Kickstart Project’s Instagram and website. The Kickstart Project Inc. is a charity founded by an inspiring and motivated woman from the Yarra Valley. It is committed to giving individuals and communities in Kenya a brighter future through sustainable education and health solutions.


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