Kurdish flag

Crossing the Iran-Iraqi Kurdistan border at Bashmagh/Penjwen

My experience and guide to crossing the Iran-Iraq border at Bashmarq-Penjwen.

Hawraman village Kurdistan

Iranian Kurdistan

Although travelling through Esfahan, Yazd and Shiraz in Iran had certainly showed me the beautiful highlights of the country, I was still searching for more. I was searching for that place that would really grab me and pull me in; somewhere that would perhaps show me something unexpected. With 10 days left on my visa … Continue reading Iranian Kurdistan

Lut Desert

Exploring the hottest place on earth in Iran

Two things propelled me to visit the Lut Desert in Iran. First, I had seen a photo on Instagram (apparently, the latest place to go for travel inspo) from a photographer who had recently been there, and I instantly wanted to know: where and how. Second, a French guy I had been hanging out with … Continue reading Exploring the hottest place on earth in Iran